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IHD and Oxfam India Working Paper Series

The Indian democracy has matured enough not to let the political regime in power to be perceived as ignoring the demands of the poor. At the same time development activists and policymakers are faced with the challenge to see that this politics of democracy is not merely taken as a minor aberration to an otherwise unchallenged saga of ‘growth’. This very characteristic of the politics of democracy also provide space to civil society actors to articulate the demands of the poor and thereby attempt to mainstream their demands for development. It is in this context that the Institute for Human Development and Oxfam India collaborated in preparing six research studies, in order to set Oxfam’s agenda in India in the coming years. The studies sought to:

  • Provide a well researched and analytical knowledge bank of information on the theme in its larger social, economic, historical and political context;
  • Support the development of the programming focus of Oxfam India on these select themes, by identifying key priorities and approaches to address the challenges.

Working Papers



Regional Inequality and ‘Inclusive Growth’ in India Under Globalization: Identification of lagging States for Strategic Intervention

Amitabh Kundu and K. Varghese

Elementary Education in India: Progress, Setbacks, and Challenges

A.K. Shiva Kumar and Preet Rustagi

Health Service Inequities as Challenge to Health Security

Rama V. Baru and Ramila Bisht

National Rural Employment Guarantee: Issues, Concerns and Prospects

D. Narasimha Reddy and C. Upendranadh.

Food Security in India: Performance, Challenges and Policies

S. Mahendra Dev and Alakh N. Sharma.

Social Discrimination in India: A Case for Economic Citizenship

Barbara Harris- White and Aseem Prakash