India Employment Report 2016: Challenges and the Imperative of Manufacturing-Led Growth
By Ajit Ghose
Price: Rs. 850
Published: 2016
Publisher: Oxford University Press and IHD
ISBN-13: 978-0-19-947257-4
ISBN-10: 0-19-947257-2

What is the nature of the employment problem that India faces? What kind of economic growth is required to address it? As India posits itself as one of the fastest growing major economies in the world, India Employment Report 2016 examines how the employment challenge undermines the substantial improvement that the economy has made in the last decade and a half.
This report provides an in-depth review of the evolving characteristics of the country’s labour force, develops new tools for a sharper analysis of the changes in employment conditions, and gives a clearer view of the state of employment in India.
Presenting a comprehensive overview of the policy interventions that would be required for the development of India’s growth strategy, the report brings out that pursuing a manufacturing-led growth strategy can help the country overcome this formidable challenge.
This Report has been prepared by the Institute for Human Development (IHD), New Delhi under the Institute’s programme on labour markets and employment studies. This is the second report in the series of analytical reports being published biennially by the institute. The present report has been supported by the South Asia Research Network (SARNET) on Employment and Social Protection for Inclusive Growth which has been initiated by the Institute for Human Development (IHD), New Delhi in collaboration with UN-ESCAP and ILO with support from International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada.
The author of the report, Ajit K. Ghose is ICSSR National Fellow and Honorary Professor at the Institute for Human Development, New Delhi, India.
Executive Summary

India Labour and Employment Report 2014
Price: Rs. 995
Published: 2013
Publisher: Academic Foundation and Institute for Human Development

The India Labour and Employment Report (ILER) 2014 is the first of a series of biennial publications by the IHD and the Indian Society of Labour Economics. The first report provides an overview of the labour and employment scenario in India during the last two decades after globalisation. Based on latest data, the Report succinctly brings out the emerging pattern of labour market outcomes and challenges of employment. It assesses the gains and losses for labour in the first round of globalisation during last three decades. The central message of the report endorses that a responsive, fair and comprehensive labour and employment policy is vital for sustainable and inclusive development. The Report has been endorsed by some well known academicians and policymakers.