Aiming to reach out to a wider audience, both nationally as well as internationally, with the findings from its research, IHD have organized several policy events and published research results in different forums. These include:  
  1. National Consultation on Health Security: IHD in collaboration with UNDP-India, July 2002, supported by MoH&FW, GoI. Selected papers of the Consultation and background papers commissioned on critical gaps related to health security in India culminated into an edited volume: Prasad, Sujata & C. Sathyamala (eds.) Securing Health for All: Dimensions and Challenges. Institute for Human Development, 2006

  2. An International Consultation on Human Development in India: Emerging Issues and Policy Perspective, February 5-6, 2010, New Delhi jointly supported by ICSSR and The World Bank. A full dedicated consultation theme discussed issues in health and nutrition. In this session, two background papers on health and nutrition were presented separately.

  3. Global Bihar Summit: IHD had recently organized, as a part of the Global Bihar Summit, Patna, Feb 16-19, 2012, a thematic workshop on ‘Creating a More Effective Healthcare System’. The theme paper presented by A.K. Shiva Kumar (Advisor, UNICEF) and Amarjeet Sinha, witnessed participation by renowned national and international experts on health policy research and advocacy.

  4. IHD & Oxfam India Working Papers:
    • Baru, Rama V. & R. Bisht (2010). Health Service Inequities as Challenge to Health Security
    • Mahendra Dev, S. & A.N. Sharma (2010): Food Security in India: Performance, Challenges and Policies

  5. EQUITAP WORKING PAPERS: Charu C. Garg and Anup K Karan authored the following working papers under the aegis of EQUITAP project, of which IHD was a collaborating institution for India.
    • Working Paper #1: Who pays for health care in Asia?. May 2005. (Multi-country co-authored study).
    • Working Paper #2: Paying out-of-pocket for health care in Asia: Catastrophic and poverty impact. May 2005. (Multi-country co-authored study).
    • Working Paper #3: Who benefits from public spending on health care in Asia? May 2005. (Multi-country co-authored study).
    • Working Paper #11: Review of National Commitments to Reducing Health Inequalities in Asia:
    • Content Analysis of Policy Documents. May 2005. (Multi-country co-authored study).
    • Working Paper #15: Health and Millennium Development Goal 1: Reducing out-of-pocket expenditures to reduce income poverty - Evidence from India. May 2005. Charu Garg 4/16/2012

    Several of these working papers were developed as peer reviewed papers and published in international journals such The Lancet, The World Bank Economic review, Health Economics, Health Policy and Planning.
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