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Inequality and growth: the contrasting stories of Brazil and India
Concern with inequality used to be confined to the political left, but today it has spread to a wide variety of economic and social actors. A growing concentration of income and wealth in many parts of the world is seen as a source of economic stagnation, political unrest and social exclusion. This is a global issue, but one that is receiving particular attention in large middle income countries such as India and Brazil as they gain in importance in the world economy. + Read More
Inequality in India and Brazil: Some Discussion and Thoughts by Nandita Gupta
Brazil and India are both populous and fast growing economies, and are large states in terms of GDP, tax, etc.). Brazil’s population is about 198 million and India’s is 1.21 billion (about 17.5 per cent of the world’s population). They both display high levels of poverty and deprivation and both have taken up measures designed to promote social welfare and to reduce poverty and inequality. + Read More
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