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Articles - 2013

India’s growth-inequality predicament

Rajesh Shukla - The Financial Express, 23rd November 2013
While the period from 2004-05 to 2011-12 saw a considerable reduction in poverty, it has also witnessed a widening of rural-urban disparities……. + Read More

Reflect: Unmet aspirations

Rajesh Shukla & Bikramjit Chaudhuri - The Financial Express, 17th September 2013
That the next few years are extremely crucial for the Indian economy hardly bears mentioning. Given the state of the economy, the extent of indecisiveness plaguing the system and the unstable, convoluted political environment, it is not easy to predict how the coming years will unfold……. + Read More

Bharat Shining

Rajesh Shukla - The Financial Express, 26th August 2013
It is, by now, well known that poverty levels have been falling much more sharply in rural India as compared to urban India. This is largely a function of the fact that there are more poor people in rural India, and the more numbers there are around the poverty line……. + Read More

The poor are moving on

Rajesh Shukla - The Financial Express, 4th June 2013
It is not cereals, they want more proteins, more processed food, more education, better medicines……. + Read More

Changing consumer segmentation and identification of best customer paybacks

Rajesh Shukla - The Financial Express, 27th March 2013
The fast changing consumerism in India over the last two decades has made the formidable task of understanding the changing consumer contours, where strategies that are required to be constantly fine-tuned to meet the need of the end-users are becoming even more challenging……. + Read More