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Research Programme on Aiming at Inclusive Development in Bihar

The Institute has developed a major research programme—‘Aiming at Inclusive Development in Bihar: The Dynamics of Change over Thirty Years (1980-2010) and the Emerging Policy Framework’. The main long-term goal of the programme is improved performance in the social and economic development of Bihar, and a wider sharing of the benefits of that development. Dr. Gerry Rodgers and Professor Alakh N. Sharma are the Co-directors of this research programme. In order to achieve its goal, the programme aims to deliver better information on the pattern of development in Bihar, and to facilitate an analysis of the key factors that are responsible for both the positive and adverse dimensions of change. This improved knowledge base will inform policy formulation and implementation for inclusive development at the local, state and Central levels, and will be used in a programme of capacity building and policy dialogue.

The Projects within the Programme: The projects to be undertaken as part of the Bihar Research Programme are detailed below.

  • The dynamics of rural change over thirty years (1980-2010) and the emerging policy framework
  • Urban development and industrialisation
  • Macro-economic connections between Bihar and the rest of India in terms of capital flows, investment and trade
  • Connections between Bihar and the Indian economy with regard to migration
  • Gender inequality
  • The developmental consequences of violence and conflict

Report out: Institute for Human Development published the Summary of the Main Findings entitled "Social and Economic Change in Rural Bihar and the Emerging Policy Framework".

Project Sponsored by United Nations Development Programme.

Research Team
Project Directors: Alakh N. Sharma and Gerry Rodgers
Principal Authors: Amrita Datta, Sunil Kumar Mishra, Gerry Rodgers, Janine Rodgers, Alakh N. Sharma
Fieldwork Organizers and Supervisors: Ashwani Kumar, Subodh Kumar, BKN Singh, Ramashray Singh