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Completed Projects under Network Building

Hub for Migrant Workers

Collaboration/s: Institute for Human Development (IHD) and Gramin Vikas Trust
Project Director: Professor Alakh N Sharma
Project Coordinator: Mr. Aseem Prakash
As a follow up of a two-day National Consultation on ‘Social Security for Migrant Workers in the Informal Sector’ during August 2005, organised jointly by The Institute for Human Development and Gramin Vikas Trust, the Institute established a Hub for providing inputs to various organisations/institutions working among migrants. The Hub aimed to identify the organisations working in various parts of the country for the welfare of the migrant workers; establish effective networking among them; share among all of them the various works being carried out by each of them and to promote the exchange of ideas so that they can learn from each other; provide information and knowledge on migrant workers about the findings of the various studies; facilitate the sharing of data and information generated by various agencies and generate awareness of various laws and welfare measures by the government and other agencies; and finally act as an effective advocacy group for the rights and entitlements of migrant workers.

Hosting of India Water Partnership

Collaboration/s: Institute for Human Development (IHD) and Global Water Partnership (GWP)
Project Director/ Coordinator: Dr. Prem S. Vashishtha (2007-2009), Dr. Veena Khanduri (Since Jan 2011)
IHD is hosted the IWP till 2012. Dr. Veena Khanduri, Executive Secretary of IWP is looked after its day to day activities. The project entails the identification and execution of projects concerning Integrated Water Resource Management with assistance from the IWP’s partners. Earlier, The Institute hosted the India Water Partnership (IWP) for a period of three years between 2007-09. Professor S.R. Hashim is the Chairman of the IWP, and IHD Director Professor Alakh N. Sharma is its Vice Chairman.